The Free Ky Project

The Free Ky Project is seeking loving participants! It’s time to stand in solidarity with our trans brothers too! The FKP is a photo campaign spreading awareness about Ky Peterson and other untold stories of Trans Men of Color.

Join the campaign by taking a pic or selfie! The campaign is open to ALL. See our instructions below:

1. Write a message of support to Ky or a message of solidarity to the untold narratives of trans men of color. Feel free to use some of these: #IAmMyBrothersKeeper, #Justice4Ky, #BlackTransLivesMatter, #FreeKyPeterson, #OurStoriesMatter, #BoysDoCry, #Mengetrapedtoo

2. Take a pic, with your message on a piece of paper or small dry erase board.

3. Post your selfie on The Free Ky Project page or inbox it to us! Share your pic on your page to help spread awareness.


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About the Founder of the Project

Christian Axavier LovehallChristian A’Xavier Lovehall is known for his poetry, music, and freedom fighting. Stage persona: Wordz the poet emcee has dedicated his career to creating art for social change. As an artist, he is committed to providing positive and uplifting messages for people of color not normally heard or seen in mainstream media, releasing several albums, a documentary and a poetry chapbook entitled, “Black, Trans & Gifted.”

In 2011, Christian founded and organized the Philly Trans March, an annual rally and march towards trans equity. In 2012, he became an expert panelist and consultant for Philadelphia’s LGBTQIA Initiative, a program under the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbilities that advocates for LGBTQI people in recovery.

In 2013, Christian became a Certified Peer Specialist and has worked as a Recovery Specialist at Morris Home, the nation’s first residential program for trans and gender variant individuals in recovery from alcohol and other drugs. In 2015, Christian co-founded the National Trans March of Resilience aka TMOR. He also founded and created The Free Ky Project, the same year, to help spread awareness about Ky Peterson and the untold stories of trans men of color. Today, Christian continues to live his life spreading a message of peace, love and hiphop “by any means necessary”.


Christian can also be found here:

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