Freedom Overground


Freedom Overground

Freedom is a fledgling grassroots organization whose mission is to provide support for trans survivors of assault and incarceration. We are building an organization which will guide Trans/ GNC post-incarcerated to build a life above the underground economy. Our goals are to;

  •  Raise funds and support for individuals with post-incarceration living
  • Raise awareness of Post Incarceration Syndrome/ Disorder, and how it contributes to repeated targeting by police, repeated incarceration, and being forced it survive in the underground economy.
  • Reduce recidivism by pushing facilities to end solitary confinements, provide adequate education, reentry programs, and mental health care.

Freedom Speakers

Pinky Shear is an incarceration survivor advocate for prison reform, and civil rights, activist. Her tireless efforts on behalf of Ky Peterson have helped lead to the policy change and enforcement of the Ga. Dept. of Correction’s procedures for the treatment of Transgender and GNC prisoners. Pinky has been a figure in the Atlanta community for a number of years lending her experience and perspectives to various speaking engagements at conventions, conferences, and local community groups. The cumulative effect of these experiences and the sharing of painful stories led Pinky to form Freedom Overground in 2017 with Ky Peterson, Ashley Diamond, and Rhys Harper, to take the fight for trans prisoners rights and prison reform to a National stage.

Media and Appearances for Pinky Include:


Ashley Diamond is a transgender civil-rights activist and aspiring musician. Ashley received national attention when she was wrongfully housed in a men’s prison for a nonviolent offense. While in prison she was denied medically necessary hormones she had been taking for over seventeen years, was beaten and sexually assaulted by both inmates and prison guards. From inside the prison, Ashley filed a Federal lawsuit against the Georgia Department of Corrections and she won.  With the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Ashley also filed a civil suit against the GDOC, winning policy change and reparations for the trauma she suffered. Her winning cases helped launch an investigation by the Department of Justice, into the care and treatment of LGBTQ inmates in Georgia prisons.  Ashley’s case also changed Georgia prison system’s policy on hormones, and safe housing for transgender inmates and has enforced prison officials to undergo sensitivity training.

Since being released from prison, Ashley continues to fight for the rights of transgender inmates and post-incarceration services. She has even had the opportunity to speak with President Obama regarding the needs of Trans POC caught within the legal system.

Media and Appearances for Ashley Include:

Request an Appearance

Pinky and Ashley are available as presenters at events for  Trans Rights, Victim’sSupport, Prison Reform, and more. They are available on a sliding scale, however, travel and housing must be provided for long distance events. All bookings must be made at least 30 days in advance.

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