One of our primary goals is to fight the sentence that Ky was given. He has already served more than 5 years, which is far too long for someone, who never should have been charged, to be in prison.  There are some fantastic Trans /LBGTQ friendly lawyers in Georgia, and we are attempting to raise the funds to hire one of them.  If we should be blessed enough to be approached by a lawyer willing to work Pro Bono, Ky will still need funds to help him start a new life.  Please donate and give Ky a fighting chance at life.

Funding Freedom

2 comments on “Donate

  1. Is there anything tangible we can send Ky in lock up to make life “easier” inside?


    • Unfortunately the prison does not allow inmates to receive money or packages from anyone who is not on an approved list. I use a small percentage of the donations we receive to help cover his needs inside.


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