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Show Ky some love! He’s fighting the good fight every day, let him know that he’s not alone. Writing letters to folks on the inside is one way to show solidarity. It’s important to let folks know they are not alone. To make sure that letter writing is useful and not harmful there are some guidelines of what to NOT to put in a letter. Please follow them as we don’t want letters of love and support to be used as a way to further isolate or impact Ky and Pinky in any way. In order to make responding to your letter possible please consider making a donation, no matter how big or small it will help a lot and ensure our support does not include extra burden. Send ALL letters to:

Kenyota Peterson #1000961001

Pulaski State Prison (E6-B)

P.O.Box 839

Hawkinsville, Ga. 31036

What NOT To Write:

-no profanity

-no pornography or sexually explicit comments

-no political statements like “fuck the system” or “down with the man” or “to hell with prisons” or “fuck the cops” or “we gonna bust you outta jail”

-no explicit language around building a movement to get him out (he already knows this!)

-no empty pages or extra blank pages (no stamps or envelopes can be included but you can make a donation to make sure if Ky wants to write you back that he can. Writing you back costs him money)

-do not send direct questions about his case

-do not send legal information

-information about another person locked up in Pulaski (where Ky is) or another prison

What TO Write:

-always put a return address on the envelope or postcard (otherwise the prison will not give it to Ky)

-we love you

-we are in solidarity with you

-a story about how this is relevant to you

-anything uplifting and supportive



-updates on current events and trans related info (things you think he may find interesting)

Email Ky:

The quickest way to reach Ky is through JPay.  It is free to set up a JPay account, but it does cost money to send emails.  Each e-mail costs as much as a postage stamp.

Visit: https://www.jpay.com

To create an account you will enter:

  • The state, Georgia
  • Ky’s Inmate ID # 1000961001

Select Ky’s Name and go from there.  Once you have created a JPay account, you will only be able to send Ky emails. (Even though the page has options for video visits or to send Ky money, these options are not available unless you are on his approved list.)

Other ways to Help:

If you are interested in helping Ky financially, you can  send money through his FundRazr account at   Funding Freedom Overground

This goes directly to Ky and is used for things he needs while in prison,  as well as for his legal fund.



11 comments on “Contact Ky

  1. please contact me. I would like to help. Much love and respect, Malachi


  2. Ky, I’m a shamanic bodyworker, an intuitive counselor and a massage therapist. I’m also trans. I own a mobile massage company here in los angeles. My spirit has connected with you and your story and I would like you and your gf to contact me. I feel that I have some very helpful information that would help ease your distress. I’d like to be of service and a part of your journey. your story speaks volumes and I can feel your pain. It would be an honor to help you with your healing process and journey. My heart is with you. Please contact me at your earliest! blessings.

    Christine Gray, The Shaman
    Read about what it is I offer! It’s on the house!


  3. I just heard about this case this morning and have been looking into remedies to get Ky pardoned. Please contact me at PTPLauthor@live.com as soon as possible. I have a potential strategy that I’d like to have you forward to Ky.


  4. Interested in trying to send a note of support, if doing so would still be useful, but seeking guidance on how to address it. In some places, what I am assuming is a number used by the facility where he is being held to identify Ky (the GDC #,) is listed as 1000961001, while above it is listed as 100961001 (one less zero.) I am unsure if this is important, but would hate to send him something he would never receive on account of mislabeling the envelope in which it was sent, so clarification would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance for any reply.


  5. Please contact me – I have a potentially helpful connection for you.


  6. Hello Ky, I am a friend of Amita Swadhin’s and going to follow up on Rhys Harper’s instructions about contacting and supporting you asap. Sending Birthday wishes, even if you get them late. In solidarity with affection ~ Juhi Kalra


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