Ky peterson


Thoughts about the day ahead…. I never know how my day will be or how it will end. I try to have a routine so I will be more prepared for my release plus I like for things to be a certain way. I know that every day I am away from my family and […]

Chelsea, PIS, and Reality

Today has been a very bittersweet day.  I turned on my computer today to be inundated with the news of Chelsea Manning’s release from prison.  Shortly after, her first steps to freedom twitter post went viral.  There are a number of emotions, thoughts, and questions that I have struggled through today. My first feelings for […]

Support Ky & Get a Necklace

In comic books, the story line is always the same… A group of humans is harmed, victimized, or oppressed by someone who believes themselves to be superior or powerful.  A hero steps forward and stands up to defeat the oppressor.  The people see the “Hero” standing-up and find their courage to fight back against the oppressor. […]

Ky’s Hearing Update

On February 21st, Ky was pulled out of his dorm and told to pack up his property.  Prison Security removed Ky from his dorm and placed him in solitary confinement. The next morning, he was called to his counselor’s office. She told Ky that the  DA on his case has requested Ky be transferred to the […]

Finding a Lawyer is an Issue

When I first started trying to find help for Ky,  I tried to contact every civil rights organization in the country.   My thought was that his situation was such a huge violation of justice, we would have no problem finding a lawyer to help.  I sent Ky’s story to  TLC, ACLU, Stonewall Bar Association, […]

Don’t Write Me, Write the Governor

Hello Everyone, First I would just like to thank everyone who views, reads, shares, supports journey. There is so much that has happened in these last five year of my life, and I am thankful that i have not had to walk this path alone. Some one recently asked, ” Would you go back and […]


Things are a little different now for me because I know exactly what is set before me. I am not uncertain or even nervous of my near future, because some little nagging feeling deep down tells me that it is going to be way better than my past and present. I remember at one point being […]