Ky’s Parole Decision : TW

If you are already familiar with Ky’s story and wish to skip the triggering dialog, start the video at 2:45.

A Message From  Trans(forming) & Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative

Dear Ky Peterson Supporters,
The State Board of Pardons and Paroles finally handed down its parole decision for Trans(forming) member Ky Peterson on Inauguration Day – January 20, 2017 – though no-one informed Ky. He first learned the devastating news three days later, from us, during a visit. The Board set Ky’s “tentative parole month” (TPM) for July 2021. By then, he will have been locked up nearly 10 years.
No words can describe our immense grief, disappointment, shock, and -yes- anger that Ky is still not free, and continues to be punished for surviving. Our hearts are heavy, and we find no comfort knowing that the Board’s decision could have been even worse.
Despite the profound and ongoing injustice he has faced as an incarcerated Black trans man, Ky has remained deeply committed to his faith, goals, love for his family, and his hope and passion to create a better and more just world- especially for trans people. He told us, “Even if they keep me in here, they can never keep me down!”
We must continue to share his story, intensify our support and demand his release. We ask that you join us in taking the following actions to support Ky and other criminalized survivors of gendered violence:
Ky has said, especially during the hardest times, “Knowing I’ve got support really keeps me going.” Please send messages electronically through Jpay (jpay.com), or by regular mail. Ky may not be able to respond to all letters.
2. Stay Up-to-Date on Ky’s Struggle
Follow Ky’s Facebook and blog!
3. Sign the Petition to Demand Ky’s Release
4. Donate to put money on Ky’s books
This project connects and lifts up freedom struggles of several people facing criminalization and/or deportation for surviving rape, intimate partner violence, and other forms of gender violence. Today they are highlighting Ky’s story (see @survivepunish on Twitter). There are calls to take action in support of nearly every one of these freedom struggles- please plug in and get involved!
6. Participate in the #Free Ky Project 
The FKP is a photo campaign spreading awareness about Ky Peterson, a Black trans man imprisoned for killing his rapist in self defense & the untold stories of Trans Men of Color.
In the coming weeks and months, look out for additional calls to action. We will honor Ky’s resilience and his indomitable spirit by deepening our commitment to his freedom, and to resisting the criminalization of survival.
-Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative

Trans(forming) is a metro Atlanta membership-based organization primarily led by and for trans, intersex, and gender non-conforming people of color, assigned female at birth. We are driven by our deep commitment to ensure our communities live with dignity, wellness, and connection for liberation.

Solutions Not Punishment (SNaP Co) is a Black trans and queer led collaborative that builds the power of our people to wage campaigns and divest from the Prison Industrial Complex. We collectively envision a vibrant, radically inclusive Metro Atlanta where all our people live safe and free, and have the opportunity to thrive and live as their whole authentic selves. We believe in a greater South that rejects punitive responses to poverty and harm, and instead believes in restorative and transformative justice.

4 comments on “Ky’s Parole Decision : TW

  1. That’s my wonderful son… I miss him dearly. I’ve never seen more of an injustice as when I hear his story, and think how corrupt our system is. I love you Ken!


  2. Hi, on the FundRazr page (https://fundrazr.com/Freeing_Ky), when I click to donate, the Paypal page that comes up shows “MH Uribe” as the recipient. Is that correct? I just want to be sure before submitting a donation, that nothing has been hacked to point to a wrong account.


    • Yes. MH Uribe is Ky’s power of attorney. Their account is directly linked to Ky. Unfortunately, it is the ONLY way that Ky is able to receive money. The prison does not allow funds to be sent from anyone who is not in an approved financial list.


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