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Resistance in the Den of Wolves

National Resist Day


January 19, 2017…. Ky’s Birthday,  National Resist Day, Inauguration Eve.

Ky doesn’t want his  birthday in to be tarnished by the memory of the “Not-Our -President” Elect’s Inauguration.  We are celebrating  by participating in National Resist Day.  With all that we have achieved in the last 2 years, we refuse to back down when the fight is just getting started.

“Not-Our-President’s” Inauguration

In the last 2 weeks, we have been watching the mainstream and social media flood  with the lamentations of Americans who are devastated by the actions of our newly elected administration.  Republicans now control the White House,  House of Representatives and the Senate. There is one vacancy on the Supreme Court, which will enable the new President  to place another conservative on the panel,  giving the conservatives a 5-4 majority on most issues. Since the Election, we have seen an increase in hate crimes and racist acts of violence, all of which seemed to be incited by the President Elect.

The “Wolves”  have been busy. Since the start of the 2017 session, more than 1,000 actions have been introduced into legislation. While the Republicans have thrown themselves into a frenzied attack on Democracy and anything that might have Obama’s name on it,  the President Elect has shown his uncanny ability to assign positions of power to people with  Incredible conflicts of interest…and throw childish temper tantrums on Twitter.  For many Americans, January 20th will feel as Democracy has been fallen.

National Resist Day

Watching this nightmare unfold  is sure to make anyone lose hope, as we see our freedoms get shredded day by day. I have stepped away from the details and tried to look at the bigger picture.  What is see is nature brutally taking it’s course.  The Republican Wolves are a dying breed.  The success of the Obama administration created a wound for them that has festered and grown. These Wolves know that they are the last generation of their kind, and they are fighting to maintain control of the pack.  Right now,  they are exerting their most powerful attacks in an attempt to exhaust and frustrate the future pack leaders.  Like all injured animals, these old wolves are attacking whatever comes at them, without any thought of consequence. They may have control now, but they will soon run into opposition….the pack has already begun to Resist.

They say ,”The Enemy of my Enemy is My Friend” and in this case, it could be very true. Smaller groups with little to nothing in common are forming alliances. The Republican Wolf pack has strengthened the weapon of it’s demise by becoming the common enemy of ALL people who wish to live in freedom.  On this day of Resistance, we are asking that each of you stand up for the freedom of the person next to you. You don’t have to believe in their religion, or agree with their lifestyle to defend their rights.  Stand up because someone else is standing up for your right to practice your beliefs safely and with dignity. The only way to  resist the tyranny of the wolves in power, is to join others and strengthen the pack.  Today, in Camp Ky, we show Resistance by  making our voices heard.

Events of Resistance

The Atlanta March for Social Justice & Women

Protest at the Inauguration: Stand Against Trump, War, Racism and Inequality

J20 Resist! Protest Trump’s Inauguration in Washington DC

Resist Trump: Occupy Inauguration 

Women’s March – Georgia



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