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2016 Trans Day of Remembrance

tvt_tmm_tdor2016_infographics_enPart 1- Murders.  Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. Lots of people are sharing articles about those killed here since January of 2016. TDOR in the media is so important for sharing the victim’s stories with people out side of the community.I want to share something for the community itself. The information found here can be overwhelmingly helpful to anyone who works in advocacy, education, policy change, etc…. Best of all, the information is ALWAYS free and up to date.


Trans Day of Remembrance Update 2016-295 reported murders of trans and gender-diverse people between 1 October 2015 and 30 September 2016

***WARNING – This list includes the details of the deaths, which can be disturbing to some readers.

The Trans Respect Versus Transphobia Project

The TvT project includes the following sub-projects:

  • Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM), a systematic collection, monitoring and analysis of reported killings of gender-diverse/trans people worldwide.
  • Legal and Social Mapping, which provides an overview of existing laws, law proposals, and actual legal and health-care practices as well as diverse aspects of the social situation relevant to gender-diverse/trans people. It currently comprises 119 countries in six world regions including all 49 European countries.The TvT research report from 2012 presents, discusses and contextualises the key findings of these two sub-projects and provides a polyvocal account of some of the major challenges and achievements of gender-diverse/trans people and movements in the twenty-first century.
  • The third sub-project is a Survey on the Social Experiences of Trans and Gender-Diverse People, which addresses experiences of both Transphobia and Transrespect and has been developed and conducted together with our partner organisations in 2012 and 2014 in Colombia, India, the Philippines, Serbia, Thailand, Tonga, Turkey, and Venezuela.

TVT resources includes:
Maps, summaries, and graphs.
Year by year list of names (international)
WARNING***These list include details of the deaths

Brazil’s list holds evidence of serial killings that have been ignored for decades.

I’m sharing this today, because the list includes folks who died and were dead named in the media. TvT has listed them as N.N. to show respect for their passing without dead-naming.

Sourced from :TvT research project (2016) “Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide”-Website: http://www.transrespect.org

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