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Ky Updates, FTM Fit Con, & PRIDE

The Ky Peterson Defense Committee has been working with the dedicated folks at the  Racial Justice Action Center, to get a parole plan together to submit as part of a Parole Application for Ky. We know that this month marks Ky’s 5th year of being incarcerated, he has served 1/3 of his sentence and it’s time for the Parole board to review his case.

Ky’s Personal Updates


Ky’s parole plan has finally been completed and submitted with the help of the Racial  Justice Action Center and SNaP Co. On September 30th, the Parole board hosted a “Family Day” where people could address the parole board directly. The RJAC people went and spoke to the parole board directly. We were told that the board would have a decision about Ky’s parole between the middle and end of November. We are staying hopeful and are forever indebted to the incredible team at the RJAC & SNaP Co.

Trans Care

BINDERS APPROVED!!!  Ky was approved for boxers in June. In July, he put in a medical request for a binder. He was ignored for several months. Then 2 weeks ago, he filed a grievance against the medical office. He also sent a letter to medical and the Warden requesting top surgery. They approved his request for the binder last week and Ky  e-mailed me ordering instructions since Binders are considered a special medical need.  Needless to say, he is very happy.
Ky has been documenting every step of every process in making requests for trans care.  As we go through each process, step by step,  we create instructions for the other guys on how to get approved for the care or items that they need. Getting Binders into Pulaski is beyond HUGE!


Ky is still in Re-Entry classes. It is a 12 week program and he is really irritated with it. They are teaching personal finance, resumes building and interviewing skills….all of which he learned in the Business classes that he JUST completed.  The good news is that every class he takes counts towards his college credit hours.  We were contacted by staff member at the University of Mass. Amherst. They have an online program that Ky will be eligible for if he gets 12 credit hours. Prior to Reentry, Ky had 10 hours. They have an advocacy and social justice program that would be perfect for  Ky to participate in.

FTM Fit Con & Atlanta PRIDE

I’m continuously sharing his story at every opportunity. Last weekend I was given the privilege of speaking at the FTM Fitness Conference AND Atlanta Pride.  Speaking at small events is really the only way I know how to help Ky. I’ve yet to be able to reach a massive national audience, but the supporters we do have are incredibly dedicated and have genuine concern for Ky’s well being. Ky touches everyone .
Pinky Shear, Neo L. Sandja (founder of FTM Fitness World), Zhi Soul

Pinky Shear, Neo L. Sandja (founder of FTM Fitness World), Zhi Soul

We recently attended a new kind of “Con”. FTM Fitness World hosted their 3rd Annual FTM Fitness Conference. The event lasted from Thursday Oct. 6th – Saturday Oct. 8th. We shared Ky;s story, acquired a bunch of new photos for The Free Ky Project, and made some wonderful new friends.

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 Speaking at Pride for the Trans March

Atlanta Pride was held On Saturday Oct. 8 – Sunday Oct. 9th.  The Trans March was held on Saturday afternoon. Many of the FTM Fit Con attendees pulled double duty on Saturday by attending the Pride March then returning to the conference to compete later that evening.
This year at Pride, my job was to share Ky’s story before the Trans March.
After the speech, we joined up with friends and beat feet for the march. I was accompanied by Natalie Williams , and my partner in justice, Zhi Soul, as we carried posters and passed out flyers during along the march route. Even with the hateful protesters, it was a glorious day in Atlanta.

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 You can support Ky and his fight for Freedom by sharing his story and donating at

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