CALL TO ACTION: ReEntry,Community Support, & Some Begging



A Very Happy Ky Peterson

Re Entry” is a class that helps prepare someone who is incarcerated for their release.  The class teaches skills that are necessary for survival in the free world like, resume writing, and interviewing skills. This class is usually given to folks when they about to be released….As of last Friday, my guy has begun his Re-Entry classes….YES!!!!

Ky Peterson will be home by the Holidays!

Community Support. After years of fighting, endless research, countless dollars spent and emails sent, the time has finally come for Ky to come home.In order to prepare for this, countless supporters and groups have shared Ky’s story, pushed his fundrazr and Twitter stormed his portrait. More than 5,000 people have signed a petition in support of his exoneration.  Ky has received recognition from Janet Mock, Laverne Cox, Ebony Magazine, The Advocate, FTM magazine and more.

I also shared a  request for support with more than 100 Trans Inclusive businesses. The 2 items that Ky has expressed the most need for were binders and a prosthetic device. Our request wasn’t for money, we were simply asking companies for any overstock items that the business might have no use for.  2 companies have responded with incredible generosity:

Point 5cc 

Aydian Dowling, at Point 5cc, was the first to write us back. His company not only offers amazing clothes, but also incredible community support. Aydian said that since he makes each t-shirt to order, there is no overstock in product. And then he proceeded to send us this amazing care package which included T-shirts, a hat, some Point 5cc swag, binders and a letter of support.


FreeTom Prosthetics  (NSFW)

A good prosthetic can be very expensive  but they are also often necessary for helping to reduce crippling dysphoria.  Much like Point 5cc, their items are made to order. I was honestly shocked to receive an email with the offer of a custom prosthetic for Ky.  After receiving the email I started researching the company and found this :

As a professional in the industry of costumes, make-up, and FX, I kind of have a soft spot for the guys who are dedicated to creating visually perfect “imperfections. I know the prosthetic Ky has been gifted will be amazing, because the guy making it demands nothing less than perfection from himself. It’s just how the people in our business work and I couldn’t ask for anything more for Ky.

Some Begging – Please Please Please share Ky’s Fundrazr, Funding Freedom. Our attempts at fundraising have been a little uneven. Ky feels that money is not a priority over exposing the injustices faced by survivors of transphobic violence so we never really pushed the campaign. All of the donations  that have been received have gone directly to Ky  for food, personal care items, medical visits, and communications.  Ky is expected to be released sometime in October or November.  Our beloved friend, as graciously offered Ky safe housing, but his room needs a little work. Ky is in need of basic living  essentials like clothing, linens, and personal care items. Until he can get on his feet, he will also need money for food, and transportation as well.

All we can ask is that everyone keep sharing his story and wish you all the blessings that flow forth from generosity.

In Gratitude,

Pinky Shear


3 comments on “CALL TO ACTION: ReEntry,Community Support, & Some Begging

  1. Reblogged this on Masculinity: A Surgical Exploration and commented:
    Im so so happy with the progress being made to help Ky 🙂


  2. I cant wait to see him take his first steps of freedom! I am so happy everyone is helping out in all these amazing ways this support is truly amazing and just goes to show how strong we can be when we all come together in support of our brother.


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