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Freedom is NOT Liberation

closeup fence barbed wire with clouds sky background.During this incredibly long battle , I have experienced some very extreme highs and lows.  Month after month , week after week, day after day…. when you love someone who has suffered injustice, there is no end to the lengths to which you will go to see that wrongs are made right.

For nearly 2 years,  our lives have been consumed with  organizing meetings, emails, and begging lawyers, media and politicians to sit up and pay attention and begging everyone else for financial donations just so Ky can continue to communicate with the free world.

Freedom is not Liberation

Many activists are focusing on freeing the unjustly  incarcerated, without taking into consideration that these people might have NOTHING to go home to.  I was insulted by a group who became angry with me for saying that freedom is a nice idea, but then what? They were not prepared with a plan for post incarceration recovery.  Housing, education, employment, food, medical care, clothing, Emotional recovery from Post Incarceration Syndrome…non of these things mattered to them, but those are the things that are most on the mind of someone who is trying to be released from prison. Those are the things we are fundraising for.

“Pinky, the prison released me to NOTHING.  No home, no clothes, no NOTHING. These groups use my story and my name to get what they want. They collect donations to stop prison abuse because of me, but I can’t get help paying my rent.  They wouldn’t care if I was dead in a gutter in 6 months.”   ~Ashley Diamond

I’ve spent the last several days soliciting companies who make personal products to meet the needs of the trans community.  My hope is that someone will donate some overstock products to help Ky and other trans folks who are being released from prison. I’m asking all of our amazing supporters to continue doing what you do best; KEEP SHARING OUR STORY!!!   and if you know anyone that you think may be able to help our cause, please feel free to forward our donations request letter.



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