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Boxers, Approved! Me, Denied….again

We have a VICTORY!!!!
This time his victory is Boxer Shorts…. I just ordered a clothing package for Ky on June 2nd. The online order form includes men’s clothing. My order went through, and my thought was that since it was ordered through the package company provided by the prison, it is technically already approved and can’t be considered contraband. As with everything else, I researched the hell out of this. I know the paper order forms folks are given don’t provide all gender options. Currently, it is only available in online orders.

**** It is also worth noting that ALL items are available when ordering online, so women’s items can be ordered for trans women, no matter where they are house. But again, the big question was “Will the prison let Ky keep the property, or will they consider it contraband?”
This may seem trivial to most people, but for Ky, it means everything. So I will leave this Victory with the message he sent home:
Hey baby. How are you doing? Well I’m good wee great considering where I’m at. Yesterday was a long day filled with working out, class, a vocab test, store, mailroom, and package. I got my boxers but it took a little bit of talking to the right people who are familiar with what’s going on. So, now I feel so much more comfortable. You just don’t know but the upside to this is I have been happier today like when I got my first shot. Speaking of shot I haven’t got it yet but I am going to medical about 2 pm to get it or see if it is in yet. I love you and I hope that you are doing okay. I haven’t talked to you in a few days so whenever you the chance let me know what is going on with you. Thank you so much for fighting for me. Thank you for everything. I love you be safe and just know that I am thinking about you…..
Love Ky
For the Defeat, Pulaski recently updated inmate visitation so Ky sent me a visitation form to fill out.  I researched everything in the GDOC operations manual about visitation and there is no reason for me to be denied.  I sent in the required visitation information as well as a copy of my power of attorney, and a letter to the Warden explaining why my visitation is so necessary since I am also the person in charge of helping to develop a parole and post incineration recovery plan. This is information that I will be submitting, on his behalf, to the parole board when he is up for review in a few months.
On Friday June 10, Ky calls and said that my visitation request has been denied again.  I called Pulaski this afternoon and spoke with the Visitation Administrator. She told me that the Warden makes the final decision and transferred me to her office.  After waiting on hold for 10 minutes, the Warden answers. I explained who I was, and why I needed to be granted visitation.  I again referred her to my package and  sited the GDOC SOP.  She said, “The GDOC also says that I have final say in who is approved. I am not required to let you on these grounds.”
 I then  explained that preventing me from visitation is counterproductive to our efforts to create an effective post incarceration plan for Ky.  The Warden then informed me that she will be leaving July 1st, and I could call back and ask the new Warden who will likely have me wait 6 months for the next visitation update. I’ve written a lawyer about my options, and there’s not much that can be done.
  This is a personal stab by the Warden. I’ve not made things easy on this woman. Over the last 18 months, she has had to accommodate inmates with proper grievance procedures, a visit from the Southern Center for Human Rights, interviews with the Department of Justice, and release disciplinary reports to journalists. I am also personally responsible for much of the media attention that her prison has received, and partially responsible for her leaving. I can’t say that I blame her. She’s just using what’s left of her power to deny us a simple comfort. Hopefully, he will be home soon.

One comment on “Boxers, Approved! Me, Denied….again

  1. Sorry for my frankness, but SCREW HER! You just do not do spiteful things to people and she will eventually realize that it will come back to bite her in the whole rear end. Keep doing what you are doing Pinky, the new Warden may come in seeing all this as a fact you are probably likely to get some special considerations. How do they expect him to progress and doing all he needs to for Parole hearing if he isn’t getting those resources? Such joke and a pathetic excuse from a grown woman who is allowed to be accountable for so many lives. She is literally trying to hold this man hostage like Pulaski is GITMO smh. Hopefully the new Warden has a brain and even more so a heart, this was just an evil and vindictive attempt by someone butt hurt over DOING WHATS RIGHT! But these are the people that end up with Trans family members later on and feel sooooo very guilty about how they treated others. Personally, I’d like to see her sued in civil court on his behalf for what she directly and indirectly put him through with her negligence and ignorance. So what you disapprove of someone’s personal accommodations and/or their right to be themselves that does not give you the right to treat them in this manner. Who goes in and out of those facilities needs to be regulated by outside joint forces, State and Federal and NOT the Warden, because Wardens get too involved and make everything in THEIR HOUSE personal. That is the only legitimate reason she has at this point from keeping you out but I am sure that will back fire on her soon enough. When they know you are close to walking out those doors they screw with you sooooooo badly but this isn’t the old days and he’s not alone in there. Just don’t forget to say TGIF when it comes, time to bring in someone new and finally be done with this woman.

    I honestly hope she continues to get questioned even after she leaves about Ky’s case, treatment, condition, and her behavior towards him (or the other trans/GNC folks we don’t know about there with Ky) because there is NO SENSE in her actions. These Prison system folks are people too and they need to know they aren’t above the law either by any means!


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