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#Trans Liberation Tuesday

Today is May 17th, Trans Liberation Tuesday, a project dedicated to supporting, celebrating, and honoring trans people in life, not just in memoriam!  There are 4 ways you can support Ky for Trans Liberation Tuesday.

  1. We are very excited to announce that Ky is being featured by the brilliant artist, Micah Bazant, for the Trans Liberation Tuesday Art Series. Along with  this incredible art work, Survived And Punished has helped us to create a petition requesting an Executive Pardon from Governor Nathan Deal.

2.TWEET, TWEET, TWEET! This afternoon Get EQUAL and Survived And Punished are hosting a Twitter Power Hour at 11 PT, 1 CT, 2 ET.  They will be boosting Ky’s portrait and the petition all day, but this hour is a way for us to get as many people tweeting at the same time as possible.  We will use the hashtags  #survivedandpunished   #justice4ky  . You can also follow @prisonculture ,  @survivepunish,  @getequal    on Twitter.

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3.For the last 18 months, I’ve been raising awareness and funds to support Ky . His campaign has gained the support of groups such as  Get EQUAL, Survived And Punished, Black and Pink, SNaP Co. and many more.  We are happy to announce that we are able to launch an official fund raising campaign with the Ky Peterson Defense Committee.  Check out our new fundraising site, Funding Freedom.

***This does not discount the funds raised on the original “Fundrazr” campaign. The previous campaign ran for over 68 weeks, with 92 contributors and raised near $9,000 (including offline contributions). The accounts which Ky receives money will remain the same, only the platform by which funds are raised has changed.

4. Take a Picture for the Free Ky Project.The Free Ky Project is seeking loving participants! Join the campaign by taking a pic or selfie! The campaign in open to ALL. See our instructions below:

  •  Write a message of support to Ky or a message of solidarity to the untold narratives of trans men of color. Feel free to use some of these: I Am My Brother’s Keeper, You’re Not Alone, ‪#‎RefuseToBSilent‬ ‪#‎Justice4Ky‬,‪#‎BlackTransLivesMatter‬, ‪#‎TLT, Our Stories Matter, Boys Do Cry, Men get raped too…
  •  Take a pic, with your message on a piece of paper or small dry erase board.
  • Post your selfie on The Free Ky Project page or inbox it to them! Share your pic on your page to help spread awareness.

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Thank You All for your support and have a Liberating Tuesday!!!



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