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Ky demands we”Fix it…”

 In prison, No news is good news. So when Ky doesn’t send me blog material, that means that he is doing very well.  He sends all of his love and prayers to all of you and apologizes for not writing more often.
  ” All I have time to do is study, but they are giving me 9 credit hours for the classes I’m taking. I never believed I would say this, but I’m a COLLEGE man now!”
This coming from a man who once argued that there was no point in taking the GED cause he would never see the free world again. Tears of happiness abound and we are more than happy to give up blogs for study time.  Ky is taking courses in customer service and computer technology.  He is currently maintaining a 98 average, (and was frustrated that it dropped from last week’s 100% due to making a 98 on 2 tests.)
I always send Ky articles about things that are happening in the news. Recently, he has been receiving stacks of reports on Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills and Religious Freedom Legislations. He is more than a little bothered by the state of the free world at this moment. He says
” I didn’t fight to be recognized in prison, just to be released into a  world of legalized oppression. Fix it,Babe.”  
 Ky Peterson labors under the delusion that I can fix anything… He’s gone through so much, I don’t have the heart to crush his dreams.  In all honesty, Ky is the strongest person I know. The ONLY reason I have been able to accomplish half of the things I’ve done is because pushes me to keep going  and I refuse to let this man down.
Even so, “Fix it, Babe.” is a mighty tall order. I can’t do much on the National level, but I can make an attempt in our little part of the world.  In order to meet Ky’s expectations,  I need your help, so consider this a CALL TO ACTION.

My next speaking event is OutlantaCon . It is an Atlanta based Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Pop Culture Convention just for the LGBT community. The event is May 13-15, and I have been asked to participate as a  panelist.  Is this my attempt at “shameless self promotion”? Absolutely NOT…..This is my attempt at shameless Ky  Peterson promotion. I am shamelessly using my position at this event to share Ky’s story, work up some submissions for the Free Ky Project, and promote transgender safety initiatives like  #illgowithyou, and the Transgender Encounter Project

This year, I am honored to be attending with Trans activists like Ashley Diamond,  Vandy Beth Glenn, Gypsey Teague, and many more. Check out the programing section of the  OutlantaCon  website for more details.

Ashley Diamond, Zhi Soul, and the Chameleon Queen herself will be my co-CONspirators for this year. When we are not on a panel, you will likely find us bogarting a guest table, passing out flyers,  and collecting images of support for survivors of transphobic violence.This is our Trans Informative Agenda, and WE NEED YOUR HELP:

1)Shameless promotion of May 17th’s Trans Liberation Tuesday!  Mark your calendar. May 17th is Trans Liberation Tuesday. Camp Ky has planned an epic media event to gain national support. We are blessed to have the support of SONG, Get Equal, Racial Justice Action Center, SNAP Co., Survived and Punished, and many many more as we publish a Change petition for Ky’s release, share his story, bring the legal system’s abuse of the Trans community into focus world wide.

2) The Free Ky Project is a photo campaign spreading awareness about Ky Peterson,  the untold stories of Trans Men of Color, and survivors of transphobic violence. Join the campaign by taking a pic or selfie, or come do it with us at OutlantaCon.

  1.  Write a message of support to Ky or a message of solidarity to the untold narratives of trans men of color. Feel free to use some of these: I Am My Brother’s Keeper, ‪#‎Justice4Ky‬, ‪#‎BlackTransLivesMatter‬,‪#‎FreeKyPeterson‬, Our Stories Matter, Boys Do Cry, Men get raped too…
  2.  Take a pic, with your message on a piece of paper or small dry erase board.
  3.  Post your selfie on The Free Ky Project page or inbox it to us! Share your pic on your page to help spread awareness.

3) I’m shamelessly promoting the “Right to Pee” agenda as well.

‪#‎IllGoWithYou‬ allies go into bathrooms and other spaces with transgender people who may be afraid or concerned about their safety. An #Ill Go With You ally offers support, buffering, and nonviolent assistance when asked. This organization is incredibly important to Ky because having an ally would have prevented his tragic attack.


” A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals …. ” ~ Men in Black

I recently had an encounter with a woman who literally said that she never knew that trans men existed. She never watches the news and all she knew of “ those transgenders” was what she had learned in church. HEAD -DESK.  This is the blind ignorance that has lead to attacks on trans people, and hate filled legislation. She walked away from the conversation with a more open mind and a very long list of questions for her church leaders.  This woman represent the millions of mis-informed people who make blind judgments . My conversation with her began when she commented on my #IllGoWithYou button and I handed her a TEP card.


4.) (From the site) “The Transgender Encounter Project (TEP) is a worldwide *safe and anonymous* action movement.  With each “encounter” between transgender people and the rest of society, we begin to transform the thinking of many people about who we are and what our place is in the world. ”


My directive is to “Fix it…” Can I change the world with buttons, patches, selfies, and cards? No..at least not by myself.  How can you help?  Participate and support organizations that  promote public safety for our loved ones and educate other humans one encounter at a time.

See you at the CON!

Help Ky’s fight for freedom by sharing his story and donating at Funding Freedom

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