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1 Year Later

Exactly 1 year ago today, the Advocate posted This Black Trans Man is in Prison for Killing His Rapist , Ky’s Story.01-Boys-Do-Cry-633x375 Since then:

  • Ky has graduated high school
  • He suffered a near fatal overdose
  • Pulaski’s Dr. has been fired and is facing murder charges
  • Ashley Diamond won her federal case demanding medical care and safe housing for trans inmates
  • Ky petitioned the state and won his request for hormones.
  •  and he has been given a parole eligibility date of October 2016

A lot can happen in a year’s time…and a lot can happen because of a single media article. Ky’s article sparked a much needed conversation about the safety and treatment of Trans men. The Advocate published an entitle series, Boys Do Cry  dedicated to the violence, and dangers that trans-masculine people face in silence.

The Free Ky Project  , was started by artist/ activist, Christian Lovehall, to encourage trans men and TMOC to share their stories and speak up.  Participants share photos and selfies in solidarity with Ky and the many unnamed, who suffer daily transphobic violence.  A most recent poster reading “Our Silence is an Injustice”.  

Our Silence is an Injustice…..  “Bathroom safety” bills are popping up all over the country.  Laws that prevent trans people from using the restroom they feel most comfortable in…. laws that will inevitably victimize and likely criminalize people in the trans community.  Here in Georgia, our governor had the good sense to veto the recent “religious freedom” bill that crossed his desk, but states all around us are passing these “right to discriminate” laws. State governments are legalizing racism, homophobia, transphobia, and even sexism. This is not the world Ky was hoping to come home too.

This is my sweet, silly man exactly one year after the 1st article.


He’s working out, putting on some pounds, going to school…doing the same stuff most other guys do, except that he’s doing them behind prison fences.  He will be home in October, he will be a motivational speaker, he will continue to fight for survivors of transphobic violence, and travel across the country and share his story ….even in North Carolina and Mississippi…and he will use the Men’s room.

*Special thanks to Mitch, Sunnivie,the Advocate, Christian, The Free Ky Project, Ashley Diamond,and all of his incredible supporters.

~Pinky Shear

Help Ky’s fight for freedom by sharing his story and donating at Funding Freedom

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