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Don’t test me Pulaski

As my friend, Geena so often posts : #transisreal. These men and women only want to live their lives, preferably with no intrusions by anyone else’s fear and bigotry.  Many trans people are able to do that. As difficult as it is to get through the day, many folks can find peace in sacred spaces and with loved ones at the end of the day.

I know this seems trivial for most people, and maybe I’m making too big of a deal out of it. Ky has no choices when it comes to living day to day. When every aspect of someone’s life is dictated by the system, it is WRONG for them to be punished and have their lives uprooted, simply because of the establishment’s fear and inability to understand them.


Ky received his 1st shot on Feb. 26th. On March 8th, Pulaski moved Ky to another dorm (F2). The F building has 2 dorms. F1 is lockdown and solitary, F2 is the dorm where people with disciplinary issues are housed.

3-8-16 @ 8:49
Hey Baby

I got moved to F2 and I hate it right now, they are on room restriction. This is some bs because we were not on restriction in E6. I don’t know why they are so afraid (of me) because I have actually calmed down a lot.

Well,I had to get blood work done this morning at 7  and I will get my next shot on Friday. The results should be in from them checking the levels and I will let you know how they are. It’s getting hot here, so this week I need deodorant, soap, tide for my clothes, and some acne cream for my face it is breaking out bad  :((( and I haven’t put anything on it. I love you and I will write you again later hopefully I will be able to get on the computer.
Love you and miss you dearly.
Sincerely Ky

Typed on 3-9-16 @ 8:26am

Hi Honey, I love you and I miss you so much. I hope you are doing okay.  I am trying to make it through each day. I was moved because they said I am going to go through a lot of changes. I am just tired of being locked in this dorm I can’t even work in the yard. This is driving me crazy being back here and not being able to go anywhere.  I haven’t done much of anything since being moved back here… I am trying to do the best I can to take care of myself it is just this move has thrown me off. I had a routine, every morning I got up at 4 to work out, shower, eat breakfast, send an email, finish getting my room ready for inspection, and wait to go out to work in the yard. I had got use to that, now this has thrown me off and it is making me lazy and sleepy all of the time. Baby thanks for everything. I really appreciate everything that you do for me. Thank for fighting for me and standing by me through this. Stay strong and take care of yourself. I love you and I am thinking of you. ttyl
Love Ky

People don’t get moved to F2 unless there is an issue, and he has not had any issues. The administration tries not to move anyone from a dorm where they are successfully set in a routine and don’t cause problems.  They did this, and even told him, solely because he started HRT.

*** Pinky puts her game face on… I am fully aware of the fact that the prison administration reads ALL of Ky’s mail. I also know that they follow this blogs. They KNOW that I know. They use their system to slow down mail and messages that they don’t want getting in or out. Usually there is a 24 hour time delay and I don’t get something he sends until the next day.  I received the above messages yesterday (3-10-16) morning. 

I immediately messaged Ky back.

3-10-2016 9:44 am

Hello my love,
I’m sorry that they moved you baby. You haven’t done anything wrong so there was no reason to put you in F2. They cannot move you just because you started HRT.  Can you talk to your counselor about it? Can I talk to your counselor about it?  Do you want me to call the lady with the DOJ?  She is already looking into that facility, I’m sure she would have no problem with adding this to her list. Please keep your head up honey, everything will be ok. They just need time to realize that the T is good for you. I have sent a package to you with a ton of information….

And this is what I got this morning :

3-11-2016 6:28am

Hey Honey…..

I’m confused… I am back in E6 now they moved me yesterday before 4 O’clock count. I love you be safe and I will email you again later I am getting ready for breakfast. Be sweet and have a great day.
Love Kyle

There was no time delay at all. I received this literally 3 minutes after the time stamped on the message. They wanted me to see this IMMEDIATELY.  I guess the idea of having to answer to the DOJ is less than appealing.  It’s is a Revolutionary thought to imagine that someone is finally policing the police.

Help Ky’s fight for freedom by sharing his story and donating at Funding Freedom

About Ky peterson

Kyle (Ky) Peterson is a vibrant, intelligent, and uncommonly kind human being. He’s a hard worker, with a genuinely loving nature, and a passion for promoting Human Rights and Transgender Equality. His life was forever changed in 2011 when he fell victim to, not only a violent attacker, but also the “American Justice System”.

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