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The Fight for a Shot

It’s been a long road, yet here we are…. Ky hates needles and says he’s never in his life been  excited to get a shot, until now….

Locked in Prison, Ky Peterson Gets some Good News.


After nearly five years jailed with women, Ky Peterson is now one step closer to being recognized as the man he is — even while he remains incarcerated in Pulaski State Prison in Hawkinsville, Ga.

Peterson — the black trans man at the center of a groundbreaking case involving violence, gender identity, and the dysfunctional prison system — recieved his first dose of hormone therapy on February 26, the 25-year-old tells The Advocate.

“This has been a long hard journey, and now I can see the difference between speaking up, rather than staying silent and never getting anything done,” Peterson says via email. “But I had great people encouraging me to never give up along the way.”

Three days after this report’s initial publication, Peterson recieved his first injection of testosterone, or “T,” as it’s known colloquially. In an email he sent to his girlfriend on Friday after his first shot, Peterson said he was feeling “pretty good so far.”

He is among the first transgender inmates to receive transition-related care while incarcerated in Georgia, after the Department of Corrections updated its policy last April following a federal lawsuit filed by black trans woman Ashley Diamond. (Diamond settled her suit for an undisclosed amount earlier this month.)

A spokeswoman for the Georgia Department of Corrections declined to discuss details of Peterson’s specific treatment, but did confirm that “a transgender man receiving testosterone therapy would remain housed in a female facility.”

Read the rest of the story here

Very Very Special thanks to Sunnivie and The Advocate for this awesome update. We here in Camp Ky are feeling great! Thank you Ashley Diamond for fighting for Ky. And thank you SPLC, SCHR, Southerners on New Ground, Get Equal, Racial Justice Action Center – Women On The Rise, The Free Ky Project, and many many more for all of your love, support and resources.

Help Ky’s fight for freedom by sharing his story and donating at Funding Freedom

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