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Get Angry!

It’s hard not to get angry when you hear about extreme injustices. Getting angry is not a bad thing. It’s good to feel that anger, because it means that you haven’t grown numb. It means that your heart still feels compassion for other human souls. Ky’s story made this lovely woman angry for all the right reasons. It is so amazing to have allies and support like this.  Maria speaks the truth about shaming victims, and the justice system that punishes them.

Please, watch and share Maria’s video.

To clarify the facts that Maria had questions about.

  • a rape kit was given the day after the assault. The kit results, which were processed by the GBI, confirmed that Ky was raped and sodomized.
  • DNA tests performed of the “victim” proved that he was the man who assaulted Ky.
  • Just 13 months before he died, the man who attacked Ky, was arrested in Baltimore on charges of second-degree assault, possession of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure, and resisting or interfering with arrest.
  • Ky’s Public Defender stated that self defense was not an option because Ky  “did not look like a rape victim”.  Being black and gender nonconforming in south Ga means you have no rights to self defense.  Direct quotes from Ky’s public defender to The Advocate

    “Number 1, you’re African-American,” Grindle recounts saying to Peterson. “And these little old white ladies in South Georgia think that if [they] see an African-American outside their own neighborhoods, [they] need to be careful.”

    The second “strike,” Grindle says, is that Peterson looked “stereotypically gay.” “The fact you’re gay will be an issue that I have to address early on,” Grindle recalls telling Peterson. “That’s two strikes that are against us from the get-go. And that factored extensively into my and my investigator’s discussions about the case.”

Help Ky’s fight for freedom by sharing his story and donating at Funding Freedom

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