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Shady Jpay practices

So I set up 2 visits for Tuesday, Jan. 19th at 7 and 7:30 pm.  It was Ky’s birthday, and even though we’ve had so many problems with video visits recently, I still wanted to hear his voice and tell him happy birthday. I logged in just before 7 to check my connection and equipment. Everything was fine on my end.  I log into the visit, and immediately there are issues… after the first 15 minutes, I decided to start recording so that I have evidence to present to Jpay when the time comes…(and it’s coming.) This video is pretty representative of what happened on every visit in the last 2 months….

(sorry about the quality)

Here we have video number 2. I had switched computers and gone to a quieter room. This takes place during the last few minutes of the 1st visit, and the beginning of the second visit. Keep in mind that these visits, might have a bit of lag, but are supposed to be live. Can anyone spot what’s happening before I realized what was happening?

What I want to know is, If this is supposed to be a live visit, why are they looping a part of the visit over and over? Even after the system disconnected, and the second video started, the same piece of video was being played back.  I have 3 more videos that show the same thing.  Previously recorded video being played back over and over.   Jpay had nothing to say about the matter aside from “That’s not possible ma’am, the visits are live. ”  And yet, here we are.

Jpay customer service doesn’t actually have access to the video’s, even though they are all recorded.  The only thing a service rep. sees is the amount of time that the video visit sessions were connected.  If there are more than 10 minutes of time logged into their system, it is considered a visit and they do not have to refund your money.

So many questions here:

Is it possible that Jpay  loops video into a session to insure that they get more than 10 minutes of “connected” time?   Is this a way for them to keep from refunding money on their crappy service?

Is it simply JPay’s terrible service?  Ky is the only person who’s JPay tablet was locked for 2 months. Ky is the only person who’s emails don’t go through for days. His letters get “lost”. And he is the only person in Pulaski contacting media.  How much of this is really just coincidence?

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