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Ky is getting T! Thank you Ashley

The first time I met Ashley Diamond, she stole my heart.  Tall, beautiful, & passionate with every word.  To say that she is the perfect example of human resilience is an understatement.  It is an honor the fight on the same team with this powerhouse woman.

ashley-diamond-and-ky-peterson-x750Ashley was fighting for Ky, before we even met her.  When she took her case to the Supreme Court, demanding safe housing, and appropriate medical care for the transgender population (and WON), she changed everything. And she’s still pushing for more change.

Last week was full of ups and downs in our camp.  Ashley went toe to toe with the state on policy changes in the Department of Corrections. Ashley says, at one point she glided out of the room, defiantly swinging her hair and basically telling the lawyers to kiss her ass. Upon her return, She gave the state a reality check on what happens to transgender inmates, sharing her story and the story of Ky Peterson.  The policy on trans inmates receiving hormones changed in April of of 2015.  Ky had formally requested HRT through the medical department following the correct chain of command. So why hadn’t Ky started therapy yet?  Ashley walked out of that room after demanding policy changes that will improve and save the lives of countless people.

As for Ky, his Birthday was frustrating and disappointing.  He’s been dealing with harassment from an officer. Pulaski is interfering with his ability to communicate with anyone.  And his appointment with the endocrinologist was buried under red tape. His only happiness was the Christmas visit from his family.

Ky fam

Ky with his Uncle, Mother, and Niece

Then Saturday morning comes. A message pops up on my phone that says I have an email from Ky.  They took him to the endo…


How are you doing? ….I got my new tablet but I am having problems sending email from it when I hook it to the computer. I just bought some stamps, so you will get another letter later. ….. I have great new!  I will be starting T soon.  It will be 1 shot every two weeks and  they said it’s like going through puberty again 😦 which I didn’t like that first time……I will write you again soon.. I love you and I will talk to you soon. Be safe out there.
Love Ky 

I don’t know if Ashley’s conversations with the state’s lawyers are the reason that Ky was suddenly sent to the Dr. I find that nothing is really a coincidence when it comes to the State of Georgia.  These folks know that Ky is publicly sharing his experiences on social media. Regardless of whether or not Ashley’s words  “lit a fire under the state’s ass”, we are thankful that she thought of him while standing in the devil’s den.

Help Ky’s fight for freedom by sharing his story and donating at Funding Freedom

One comment on “Ky is getting T! Thank you Ashley

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