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Atlanta Pride Supports Ky. #BlackTransLivesMatter

We packed up our stuff and set up shop at Atlanta Pride this year. Our focus was on sharing Ky’s Story, promoting The Free Ky Project to share the stories of TMOC, and supporting survivors of transphobic violence.
Thanks to Lucia Leandro Gimeno, of Southerners on New Ground for help in planning. As well as Wooten Gough and GetEQUAL for planning and providing us with supplies to pull all of this off.
Special thanks to Zhi for all of your hard work and dedication.

There will be much more about our Pride experience after I recover from the plague I caught while sitting in the rain all day Saturday.

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Our Trans Pride Tent Display looks a bit like a baby shower exploded, but it was well received.  We shared our hill top space with Angel Action Atlanta. They wear giant Angel wings for the Pride Parade. They stand in front of any hate groups and block out their signs and yelling from the rest of the parade participants. The Angels were happy to share support for Ky as well.

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We want to thank EVERYONE who took a few moments to share support for Ky and other survivors of Transphobic violence.

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About Ky peterson

Kyle (Ky) Peterson is a vibrant, intelligent, and uncommonly kind human being. He’s a hard worker, with a genuinely loving nature, and a passion for promoting Human Rights and Transgender Equality. His life was forever changed in 2011 when he fell victim to, not only a violent attacker, but also the “American Justice System”.

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