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Message from Ky and More #AllShallBeEqual


I received this email from Ky this morning.

Hey Babe, I hope you’re OK and not working too hard… I still haven’t heard anything about my HRT yet, but “our friend”  pulled me aside  and told me that if my HRT is approved, they might move me to solitary for “my protection.”  First I was like “REALLY? Who the hell’s gonna bother me? If anything, I’ll be getting buff and I’ll have to beat the women off “:… just kidding.  A couple days later, during inspection, the Woman said she liked what I had done in the yard during yard call and she made it my new detail and said she hoped that I would want to stay in the dorm and keep it. I thought that was weird cause she doesn’t give people work details. That’s when I realized what was really going on. If I get HRT granted she will have to start a gender therapy program here and she doesn’t want to do that. I think that she’s going to try to get me to refuse HRT. If I refuse HRT, I get to stay in the dorm and do the detail I wanted, but if I except HRT she will try to move me to solitary and say that its for my protection. I know it hasn’t happened yet, but it seems like the kind of thing she would do.  Babe, I don’t want to go to solitary but I am not about to refuse HRT. Please let everyone know that  we need a plan here. If they approve my HRT, I can sit in the hole for a little while, but I won’t be able to have video visits or emails . I’ll go crazy pretty fast. …

Oh! I forgot to tell you… I saw my counselor today. She said my PED [parole eligibility date] has been moved up to October 2016 ! AND They may be considering me for TC [transitional center]. I think they’re trying to get rid of me, Babe. *lol….

Just something I wanted to say on the Blog.

Hi everyone, sorry for not writing as much as I used to. The Warden has given me a new job detail as a yard orderly so II have been kind of busy lately working in my garden. Prison is just prison to most people, but it should be a place of growth for those inside the walls. I have grown so much since I have been here and learned a lot. It’s not easy but everyday I try a little bit harder to rise above and “Do Better” than the people who try to kick me when I’m down.  All of your prayers, supportive letters, emails, and any words of encouragement give me strength . Thanks for caring and showing that people out there that even inmates deserve kindness. Everyone in prison became who they are through the experiences they lived through or survived.  I share a lot of the letters and messages of support with a lot of the people here and it really does give them hope. Please keep them coming, cause my life isn’t the only one that’s growing from your support. Thank You.

Words of Ky P*

Here is our happy news for the day Ashley Diamond is HOME!!!

Ashley-Diamond-x400 (1)_0_0 Black Trans Woman Ashley Diamond Released from Prison After 3 Years. After serving more than three years in a men’s prison, where she reported repeated rapes, the black trans woman was released to family members in Georgia today.

What does that mean for Ky? We don’t know yet, but he seems to think that the GDOC may try to postpone giving him HRT until he is eligible for parole. At that point, they can release him and be rid of the attention that is being placed on the prison.  While we definitely want Ky to come home, we also want his name cleared. We want the record to show that he defended him self. We want a gender therapy program to be ACTIVE  in Georgia Prisons.  We want people to know that so many trans men are victimized (as females) and then criminalized (as males). Even if Ky is released early, we will continue to fight for all of those things

Ky makes a very good point in his message. All human beings develop their ideas, beliefs, and even their biases or judgments based off of their individual human experience.  I see people judging others for being hurtful and for being helpful. People use the word “privilege ” to define those who don’t understand their situation. What most fail to realize is that everyone has some form of privilege, and everyone’s privilege is different because each person lives a different human experience. Ky’s human experience is changing him. He has gained the privilege of education and support. These things will give him opportunities that many inmates do not have and he knows it.  I think the point here isn’t so much that everyone has privilege, but more about how one chooses to use their privilege. Do you ignore it and act like the world is a Utopia cause your world is perfect? Or do you acknowledge  your privilege and use it to benefit others and become an ally for those in need? Thank You all for caring and sharing,


#AllShallBeEqual  #AbolishSolitary  #Illgowithyou

About Ky peterson

Kyle (Ky) Peterson is a vibrant, intelligent, and uncommonly kind human being. He’s a hard worker, with a genuinely loving nature, and a passion for promoting Human Rights and Transgender Equality. His life was forever changed in 2011 when he fell victim to, not only a violent attacker, but also the “American Justice System”.

One comment on “Message from Ky and More #AllShallBeEqual

  1. Amazing how when pressured they start releasing people. But the problem does not end with release and I hope diamond will also continue her fighting. I feel like Ky will be home sooner than we all expect. They have alot of questions to answer in the wake of his sentence as is.


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