Devastating Update on Ky

TW: Attempted Suicide, Police abuse
I have been hesitant to give you all any updates until I was able to get some firm information.  As of right now, NO ONE has been able to talk to Ky directly, so everything that I am sharing is information that has been pieced together from other sources.

My last update was on June 3rd. I had spoken with Ky the evening before and he was in good spirits.  He is limited in communications from lock-down, so I wasn’t expecting to hear from him for a few days. On On June 5th, I received a private message from someone in Pulaski stating that Ky had overdosed on some medication *while he was in lock-down. Ky was taken from Pulaski to the nearest hospital where he was put on a ventilator and treated (possibly had his stomach pumped). By the time I got the message and told his mother, it was Friday morning. She went to the hospital to see him but he had already been sent back to Pulaski. The hospital wouldn’t  tell her anything, and the prison refused to speak to her as well. We both spent the weekend trying to get any information about Ky and his condition, but no one in the prison had anything to say. Finally, Monday morning, Ky’s mom was able to speak with a counselor who told her that that they were moving Ky to Lee Arrendale State Prison in Alto GA.  On Monday of this week, I spoke with another employee in Pulaski who confirmed that Ky was sent to Alto, and that the prison employees were told that they could not speak with Ky’s mother or any one about the incident.
This afternoon, Ky’s mother called Lee Arrendale in an attempt to get any information about Ky’s condition. The person she spoke with repeatedly refused to give his name, and told her that Ky was only there to be treated in medical, and was  going to be transferred BACK TO PULASKI on the next bus.  He told her that the report that was given on Ky stated that he had been collecting drugs from other inmates, (not possible while in lock-down). He overdosed, his heart stopped and he had to be revived. The man NEVER mentioned the condition that Ky is currently in at this moment in time.
* Ky has no history of being suicidal and no history of drug abuse.  Ky has an incredible value for human life.  He has prevented 3 other inmates from taking their own lives. To say that he intentionally did this goes against the very nature of who Ky is as a person. Ky was also in lock-down at the time that this “overdose” happened. Everything is strictly controlled. The anti-depressants he takes are given to him each morning. The capsule is crushed into a cup of water that he must drink in front of a nurse and an officer. In lock-down, it is nearly impossible to get access to the kind of drugs that would be necessary for him to overdose on. Not to mention the fact that I spoke with him on Tuesday, and he was in good spirits. He was going to be speaking with his mental health counselor and gave NO indication that he was depressed or upset. Yet this incident happened after he spoke with me and told me about the CERT team abuse and pepper spray over the phone. Regardless of the conditions in which Ky overdosed, the facility has a responsibility to notify the next of kin in medical emergencies such as this one.
Long story short, Pulaski nearly killed him, then sent him to another facility and there is no way for us to visit or have any contact with him at all. At this point, we have to wait for Ky to show up in the system. We still don’t know what his current condition is, and it is infuriating that they would send him back to Pulaski after all of this. We are trying desperately to find a way for him to stay at Lee Arrendale. We feel that his life may be in very real danger. Please keep Ky in your thoughts and prayers.

About Ky peterson

Kyle (Ky) Peterson is a vibrant, intelligent, and uncommonly kind human being. He’s a hard worker, with a genuinely loving nature, and a passion for promoting Human Rights and Transgender Equality. His life was forever changed in 2011 when he fell victim to, not only a violent attacker, but also the “American Justice System”.

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    This is just crazy… I’m praying for you man.

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  2. It’s true it happened. And an officer had to perform life saving cpr.

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  3. Pinky tell Ken that mirl says hello and to keep his head up… I love you both


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