Ky’s Trans Abuse Journal from Pulaski State Prison #allshallbeequal

Before I share Ky’s Journals, I want to give a little information about living in Pulaski:

Inspections- Each day, the Pulaski administration (Warden, Deputy Wardens, Admins,Officers, and CERT team) do an inspection of every dorm on the compound. Inmates are required to be “inspection ready” (dorm and rooms clean, and inmates standing at attention by their doors) by 9 am, Monday thru Friday. Once the inspection team enters the dorm, the Warden sits at a desk and speaks with individual inmates about issues they may have. The other officers or administrators inspect each inmate’s appearance,clothes, nails and hair while the CERT team inspects each room .They begin inspections at 9 am, and it takes some time for the inspection team to search each dorm, so inmates can be standing by their doors, for up to 2 + hours, waiting for the inspection to to get to their dorm.

Inmate Appearance – Like many of the trans men in Pulaski, Ky keeps his hair short. He recently cut it a little shorter because it’s getting hot in south GA. However, the Warden has has implemented a rule prohibiting inmates from having hair shorter than 2 inches.Most of the administration over looks this “rule” because it is ridiculous and difficult to enforce. But the Warden often uses it when it is convenient for her to harass a trans inmate. On one occasion, she caught an inmate cutting the hair of an elderly trans man. “Pops” is in his 70’s and has had major brain surgery, so hair doesn’t grow on part of his head. The Warden gave Pops a DR for altering his appearance, and the inmate who cut his hair was given a ticket for “assaulting another inmate”(which is a serious offense).

cert-avila *** The CERT Team (Critical Emergency Response Team) is supposed to handle emergencies such as large fights, major medical emergencies, etc. The Warden uses them as guard dogs, making them do room searches and pat down every inmate upon leaving the dining hall, searching for any food the inmate might take back to the dorm. There are men on the CERT team at Pulaski, which is a “WOMEN’S long term” facility, with many elderly inmates serving life sentences. All of the CERT members are considerably larger than most of the people held in the facility. It would only take 1 CERT officer (who is properly trained) to take an inmate to the ground with minimal effort. They are bullies in full tactical gear…one man even carries a huge semi automatic pellet gun. Below are images of 2 Georgia Prison CERT teams.

Wednesday, May 20th.  I attempted to speak with the Warden and give her a medical letter confirming my diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria. I explained that I have identified, and had been living as a male since childhood. She said that since I wasn’t on hormones prior to being arrested, she didn’t have to comply with my treatment or acknowledge my preferred gender, name or pronouns. To further push her point, she told me that I would be receiving a DR (Disciplinary Report) for cutting my hair.  At that point, she brushed me off and sent me back to my room, refusing to even look at the letter.

Thursday, May 21st.  Today was graduation day. I showed my letter to my teacher. At first I thought she didn’t care, but during the ceremony she referred to the other girls as her daughters and pointed me out as her favorite and only SON. The Warden made a face, but my teacher ignored it. It’s awesome to be validated. It will be interesting to see which people will be supportive, and which ones won’t. 

  • Since the 20th, I have been compiling several documents  loaded with information to send to the prison administration. I hope that by going through the proper channels;  providing the counselors and administration with additional copies of Ky’s letter, as well as the state’s new SOP for trans inmates, and a copy of WPATH’s Standards of Care, we may actually see some action toward getting Ky hormone therapy. I am trying to positively encourage the administration to be proactive in their treatment of the trans population, but they aren’t making it easy for me to be nice.

Tuesday, May 26th. I was taken back to lock-down.  It was around 10:30 when the inspection team arrived at our dorm. We had be standing around for almost 2 hours. My therapist recently put me on a new medication which makes me nauseous, and I had been feeling sick for several days.  Even though I was dizzy and nauseated,I stood on point up to and during the entire inspection.  I waited until the inspection team was LEAVING the dorm before I went into my room and sat down. An administrator , Mr. Whitington, walked into my room and told me to get back by the door until they had left the building. I explained about being sick and Whitington replied with ,”everyone says that.” Then he proceeded to wave the CERT*** team to my room.

*For perspective, Ky is 5’6″ tall and weighs about 140 pounds. The CERT team (2 men and 2 women) enter my room. I tell them that I am sick, and too dizzy to stand. They grab me and begin to pull me to the door,but  I pull away and ask why they won’t leave me alone cause I haven’t done anything wrong. They see this as insubordination, and force me on the ground to handcuff me. I is already sick and barely able to struggle, yet one CERT member pepper spays me in the face TWICE. During the struggle to pull me down, one of the officers pulled down my pants. They carried me out of the room, handcuffed, pepper sprayed in the face, with my pants (and underwear) around my knees. I was take to the showers in lock-down and told to clean up, then put in a freezing solitary cell for hours. They finally brought some of my property late Tuesday night. I was given some of my clothes, but they didn’t give me many of my personal items. I have been without my soap or toothbrush since Tuesday, even though I have requested them everyday since being locked-down. I was given Disciplinary Reports for failure to follow directions, and insubordination, because Mr. Whitington felt that I was “Disrespectful” and “Talking Back”, when he told me to stand by the door.  I am still in lock-down.  The officer in lock-down is very compassionate,and let me call home.

  •  As of right now, Ky is OK, but they told him that they were leaving him in lock-down. He is also facing disciplinary action. When he goes to his DR hearing, they can possibly revoke  his commissary / store privileges, video visits, or even phone privileges for 90 days. I am furious, and completely helpless.As far as I know, there is absolutely NOTHING  I or anyone else can do to help Ky in this situation. Ky has no advocate for DR court and will have to fight these tickets on his own. He’s hoping his therapist will testify on his behalf.

Right now, he could use some words of encouragement. Please share this and if you have time, send him a quick message of love and support.  We see abuse by police in the media far too often. The thought of being abused in this way EVERY DAY is unimaginable. Follow the link below for more information on writing Ky:

Contact Ky

Thank you all for your love and support.



Help Ky’s fight for freedom by sharing his story and donating at Funding Freedom

About Ky peterson

Kyle (Ky) Peterson is a vibrant, intelligent, and uncommonly kind human being. He’s a hard worker, with a genuinely loving nature, and a passion for promoting Human Rights and Transgender Equality. His life was forever changed in 2011 when he fell victim to, not only a violent attacker, but also the “American Justice System”.

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