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Ky Update

Hello Everyone,

Ky is doing AMAZING. We had a video visit and have lots of really HAPPY updates to share.
1) After 7 MONTHS of fighting, Ky has finally gotten his asthma pump, thanks to his mom for giving Pulaski hell.

2) He passed all of his pre-qualifying exams and after fighting for 2 YEARS to get into school, he will take his final exams next month.

3) Ky’s counselor informed Ky that he can earn PIC (Performance Incentive Credit) Points. PIC points will reduce his time considerably. He’s already earned 2 points with the classes he’s taken. He can earn more by finishing school (which will happen next month) and working a detail. AND his counselor gave him a detail, so he is now working outside the dorm when he’s not in school.

4) Thanks to the tireless efforts of friends and the community, we have officially begun raising funds for Ky. 

5) The officer that was causing a problem for Ky is no longer working in his dorm. She is still employed at the prison, (this is the woman who slapped him in the face), however she is working in another location.  I am happy he doesn’t have to deal with her, but angry that she got away with it.

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has stepped up and contacted me about helping Ky. I am overwhelmed and delighted that so many have been touched by his story. We are so thankful for the support .

~Ky , Pinky & Family

*If any of you are following us on Twitter, I am so sorry. I really  suck at twitter. I am terrible with social networking as it is and I seriously have no idea what a “hashtag” is or how to use it.  I guess that may speak to my ignorance of networking.  I’m not sure that we actually post anything directly to twitter. All posts here are connected to his other sites and are automatically updated.  Again, I’m sorry.  #isuckattwitter


Help Ky’s fight for freedom by sharing his story and donating at Funding Freedom

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