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Officer Harassment

On our last visit, Ky  was talking about the harassment he has been experiencing from one of the “officers” in Pulaski . Ky has been harassed by this officer for some time now and the situation is beginning to escalate. The dorm Ky lives in is divided into 2 sections ( A side and B side). The “officers” at Pulaski rotate working in different dorms every 90 days. This particular officer worked Ky’s dorm (A side) 6 months ago. The issues with her began at that time. She often tried to approach Ky on a “personal” basis; telling him her 1st name, and flirting. When he did not respond to her advances, she became vindictive, and at one point she even kicked Ky in the leg and made a comment about him only liking “snow bunnies”. Shortly after that, the rotation changed and she was moved to another dorm.

Unfortunately, she was moved back to Ky’s building on B side. She is not permitted to interact with the people on A side, yet on more than one occasion she was seen looking in the window of his room in the middle of the night. When Ky mentioned this to a friend, another woman heard it, and told the “officer” that he was talking about her. The officer called Ky ALONE into a common area of the dorm, (which she is not allowed to do), and began threatening him and at one point she slapped him leaving a scratch on his face. He immediately asked to go to security, and his dorm officer refused and threatened to send Ky to lock-down. Ky had to wait until the next morning, after shift had changed to make a complaint with security. He filed a complaint with the Sargent, and in retaliation the “officer” wrote Ky a Disciplinary Report for insubordination.

Sadly, there is nothing else that can be done. Everything that happens inside a Ga. State Prison, STAYS inside a GA state prison. All instances of abuse, attacks and even death are handled internally. It was never released to the media when a woman was stabbed 17 times by another inmate in Alto, last summer, or when a young girl was gang rape by 6 other inmates 3 months ago. All I can do is share Ky’s stories and hope that the right people see them and get angry enough to take action.

Help Ky’s fight for freedom by sharing his story and donating at Funding Freedom

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