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We had a video visit last night and he’s gotten really depressed. I got a letter from another girl in the dorm, and she said that the staff never lets up. Every time he walks out of the dorm he gets harassed by an officer. I’m worried about his emotional strength. I’ve never seen him so down.

Ky is a powerhouse of courage. In the last year he stopped 3 women from committing suicide, while the officers just stood by watching. He’s always been so positive and encouraging. Even in the video, HE’S trying to make ME feel better. I’ve ALWAYS said that Ky is unbreakable, but I feel like they’re finally starting to break him. It is impossible for us in the free world to know what it’s like to be mentally tortured, harassed and abused by police every single day. He actually said ” I feel so hopeless and alone here.” Those are words I NEVER thought word come from his lips.

I’m asking for help from all of you. Not money, just time. Please share his story and send Ky a message of encouragement. Let him know that he’s not alone. If you can’t write directly, add him on Facebook ,post on his wall or send him a message. I will print and send every message of love and support you all send his way.

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Write Ky a letter

Help Ky’s fight for freedom by sharing his story and donating at Funding Freedom

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